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OCSD Welcomes Sustainability Speakers to the Stage

OCSD Welcomes Sustainability Speakers to the Stage

August 15, 2023
By OCSD Communications

The Orange County Sustainability Decathlon (OCSD) is excited to welcome individuals, companies, community groups, OCSD Decathletes, and other organizations to share their voices and present on sustainability- and STEAM-related topics on our main festival stage.

The OCSD is a new collegiate competition focused on sustainable housing and educating people on how to live greener lives. The event is seeking innovators, storytellers, and sustainability advocates to share their ideas, research, and/or products that further its mission of sparking change and combating the climate, affordable housing, and homelessness crises in California. 

This is a great opportunity for the public to hear from the best and brightest minds in the sustainability field and learn how they can help save the planet. 

The event takes place at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, Calif., from October 5-15, 2023. Admission is free, and there will be available parking at the OC Fairgrounds for $12.

Benefits of Speaking at the OCSD

As a speaker at the OCSD, you will:

  • Be invited to speak on our main festival stage at the OC Fair & Event Center to educate, entertain, and inform the general public about your sustainability-related topic, program, or product.
  • Have the opportunity to network with professionals and peers, brought together by shared experience and an expertise in sustainability.
  • Gain visibility for your work, company, or group and the work you’ve done in the development of green-tech and in the fight for our planet.

Subjects for Speakers

The OCSD is seeking speakers for the following topics:

·      Energy efficiency

·      Water conservation

·      Sustainable materials and practices

·      Social, environmental, and economic impact of sustainability

·      Trends in sustainable housing practices

Talks can range from 15 minutes to as long as two hours.

If you are interested in speaking on a topic not included in the list above, pitch it in your abstract!

Abstract Requirements

Your speaker series abstract requires the following to be considered:

·      Include a title for your proposed talk, your full name, and affiliation

·      In 500 words or less, describe what you propose speaking on at the OCSD

·      Must be submitted in Word or PDF format.

·      Please include applicable links to the organization you represent or are affiliated with

·      Describe previous talks you have given on the topic

·      List any AV or other requirements 

·      Notify us if you plan to promote your book and if you would like tom sell and/or sign your books at the event

Abstract Evaluation

Upon submitting your abstract, OCSD will evaluate on the following criteria:

·      If the subject matter is relevant and will attract attendees

·      If the subject matter is innovative and presents ideas in an engaging manner

·      The presentation goals are well-defined and tailored to our target audience

·      The speaker is knowledgeable and experienced on the subject matter

·      The quality of the abstract



Please email us at contact@ocsd23.com with any questions you may have. 

Become a Speaker!

Join our mission for a greener future!

Apply here.

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