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LIVE on October 15th: Speaker Series 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

CSU Northridge

LOT 101

CSU Northridge

California State University, Northridge

Team Members
Zachary Minton, Alexander Chavez, Abhijit Mukherjee, Vinicius Maron Sauer, Eduardo Hernandez Barrera, Mark Ghssoub, Joseph Horey, Marco Vizcarra, Salvador Delgado, Renee Velarde, Edwin Oganisyan, Abdulrahman Alsadi, Narbeh Keshishi, Jason Najarro, Alvaro Perez-Urias, Yusra Raza, Martin Gomez-Ornelas, Wei Chi Liu, Javier Jimenez, Patrick Fitzmorris, Ruben Granados, Anthony Martell, Wynchester Tiatco, Hiram Murray, Jaken Torres, Rene Linares, Miles Rodas, Jose Ruiz, Luis Hernandez, Michael Frazier, Oscar Morales
CSUN’s S.W.E.E.T program is a hands-on journey into renewable energy. The team consists of 29 mechanical engineering students from various backgrounds. As technology advances there has been an increase in demand for modular sustainable living. Us students get to build a sustainable, net-zero energy home, learning about solar and wind tech along the way. It’s not just about textbooks; we collaborate, solve real-world problems, and even share our knowledge with the community. This program isn’t just about building homes – it’s about shaping the next wave of eco-innovators and spreading the word on green living. In a world facing climate challenges, CSUN’s S.W.E.E.T is lighting the way for our future.
18111 Nordhoff St
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Northridge, CA 91330

Model Home

The Lattice Palace

CSU Northridge

Target Market


  • The Lattice Palace contains three modules that are interchangeable based off the customer’s requests and needs.
  • The modular home is energy self sufficient via Solar Panel System; the house is able to be hybridized to connect to local power systems as well as being off grid, in accordance to the need of the customer.
  • The Mini split system incorporated into our modular home allows for a ductless heating and cooling system that increases the amount of space due to lack of vents.
  • High-performance insulation further helps minimize energy usage.
  • Thoughtful incorporation of main and guest bathrooms, including laundry area.
  • Office/Living Space Module designed for versatility, accommodating various configurations.
  • The Main Bedroom Module prioritizes comfort and privacy, providing a tranquil sanctuary.
  • Garden area in the center allows for ease of access to green spaces that include an aerobic composting bin, native plant garden, as well as edible plant garden
  • Rain water runoff from the angled roofing all goes into closed and filtered drums for the use of the garden.
  • There is a lattice structure surrounding the entire home which helps to reduce energy consumption by regulating temperature and providing shade

The modular home is a customizable, able to function with more or less modules in accordance to customer’s available funds, and needs. The layout of the house can be arranged in a variety of ways including less or more modules.

Business Profile


S.W.E.E.T. paves the way for the future of sustainable living by crafting modular and affordable mobile homes that epitomize green innovation. Our name encapsulates our commitment: harnessing Solar and Wind power, focusing on Energy efficiency, and leveraging top-tier Engineering to create a Team-driven approach to eco-friendly housing solutions. Every home we construct is the embodiment of a vision of a world where living sustainably doesn’t compromise comfort or affordability. With S.W.E.E.T., you’re not just investing in a home, you’re joining a movement towards a cleaner, greener, and brighter tomorrow.