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LIVE on October 15th: Speaker Series 12:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

CSU Long Beach

LOT 102

CSU Long Beach

California State University, Long Beach

Team Members
John Beltran, Takashi Hosaka, Richard Ortiz, Derek Monroe, Arpit Kasodariya, Patrick Parayno, Hung Harris, Alireza Ahmadizadeh, Andrew Ignacio, Brett Workman, Oswaldo Lopez, Stephen Halstead, Stefan Favila, Yashas Biskur Ramesh, Marhle Nadreau, Hana Hwang, Teresa Pastrano, Kathy Tran, Thi Vuong, Thang Le, Eduardo Perez, Hung Nguyen, Vahid Balali, Shailesh Chandra

The California State University Long Beach’s OCSD23 team consists of students from the College of Engineering Construction Management Department, Civil Engineering Department, and the Design Department, and led by project director, Dr. Hung Nguyen. A scholar and a visionary, Dr. Nguyen has been teaching Construction Management classes at CSULB for years, and he plans to take another step in making an impact in this world through sustainable living.

CSULB held the Senior Design Expo of 2023, and the CSULB OCSD23 team were able to place 1st in the Construction Engineering department, using the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) building method as the basis for the design.

1250 Bellflower Blvd.
College of Engineering
Long Beach, CA 90840

Model Home

Midoori ADU Living

CSU Long Beach

Target Market


This home is intended for clients who intend to live alone or with one other person. This home is intended for clients who want to rent out a home that would allow them to live comfortably with minimal use on utility needed to live comfortably in any month, day, and time, which in turn, results in financial savings. This home is intended for clients who want to build a home next to their single family home, and either lease it to tenants, use as a guesthouse, or use it as an extra living quarter to accommodate a large family. This home is intended for clients who are environmentally conscious; leaving a smaller carbon footprint by utilizing solar power, by living in a home that significantly minimizes thermal bridging and air leaks, which in turn reduces the use of HVAC, by living in a home built with 40% less lumber, and less water used in wood processing.

  • 1 Living room with a vestibule and a open shelf/entertainment center.
  • 1 Kitchen with a range hood, an electric stove/oven, a kitchen island on wheels, and a 3 tiered open shelf.
  • 1 Living room with a ductless minisplit AC unit.
  • 1 Laundry room with a water heater, a water recycling unit, and a washer/dryer unit.
  • 1 Bathroom with a shower and a vanity.

Business Profile

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