Solutions for Today

Guidelines For Tomorrow

The Journey

Teams will apply their creative talent to design and build market-ready homes that will be assembled and displayed in a sustainable village. While the public tours the homes in person and online, professional judges will evaluate the builds.

The OCSD Decathlon

Homes will be evaluated in 10 contests, each of which is worth 100 points. The team with the highest overall score wins the competition. The contests are:

  1. Sustainability and Resilience
  2. Architecture and Interior Design
  3. Engineering and Construction
  4. Communications and Marketing
  5. Innovation
  6. Energy Efficiency
  7. Water Use and Conservation
  8. Health and Comfort
  9. Lighting and Appliances
  10. Shared Experiences

The proposal deadline for the 2023 Orange County Sustainability Decathlon was May 2, 2022.​

We are thrilled to announce the teams that will participate in the 2023 Orange County Sustainability Decathlon. Visit here to learn more.